Sunday, December 09, 2007

2008 Citizens For Peace Calendar

Colleen Mills, President, Citizens For Peace reports:

Our monthly meetings are open to everyone. Please invite your friends to help us create the culture of peace we desire. Here is the list of monthly meetings:

January 8th - Rudy Simons will report on his trip to Iran!

February 12th - Kathy Henning will lead us in meditations on Love & Blessings!

March 11th - we will view & discuss the video "Beyone War"!

April 8th - Robert Weir will present "Incentive & Instruction from Christ, Gandhi & King"!

May 13th - Professor Michael Whitty will present a talk on Inner Peace and Outer Peace!

With your help, we will make 2008 a year of peace!
See you Tuesday!
Peace, Colleen

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