Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spiritual Activism

Thanks for a great evening exploring spiritual activism Tada!
Let's all move toward being spiritual activists in 2014!

What Is A Spiritual Activist?

*  One who enriches the spirit

*  One who encourages people to open their hearts to God and to each other

*  One who acts out of a sense of eternal self

*  One who encourages action based on noble principles

Qualities Of A Spiritual Activist

*  Authenticity, vision, kindness, compassion, and truth-telling

*  A good listener, interactive, aware

*  Loving, forgiving, not judging, an awareness of oneness 

*  Leading by example, hopeful

*  Altruism, gratitude, patience, and persistence

*  Foresight 

When Tada asked how to transform our negative emotions, Rev. Selena gave this response:
"I find that if I pray for 3 other people/situations, that energy is
diffused and changed into compassion. I also strive to take 100%
responsibility for whatever energy is going on in the world. So if
there is a war due to desire for power or control- where in my life do
I do that? Change of my energy will help change the energy of the planet,