Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Power of Kindness

If you missed Caleb's talk, click on this link to hear it & then go and practice random acts of kindness!

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Sergeant Caleb Magnan of the U.S. Army shares about the Power of Kindness at work in his life at the upcoming “Citizens for Peace” meeting in April.
Returning home from deployment from Iraq, he was a changed man.  The person before his mission was not the same person who came back.  Abroad he had an eye-opening experiencing from day one that impacted his life forever.  He saw both good and bad things, which made him a completely different human being.  Caleb went from negative to positive, almost overnight, and has never looked back since by striving to do at least one act of kindness every day he’s alive.
“Since my time overseas, I am a lot more patient, kind and forgiving.  I would never give others the time of day, but now, after being exposed to a path of humility, I make an attempt daily to brighten at least one person’s day through my actions.”
Sgt. Magnan enlisted in the United Stated Military back in 2007 and is still currently serving in the Army National Guard.  He resides in Chesterfield, Michigan with his fiancĂ©, daughter and son.
Come hear his transformational experience at the April 8th meeting at 7 pm. It is free and open to the public.

Also giving a brief presentation will be The Peace Alliance’s National Field Director, Dan Kahn.  The Peace Alliance works to promote leading-edge peacebuilding tools, through legislative advocacy, public education, and community mobilization.

Dan and Student Peace Alliance Coordinator Sally Kaplan are traveling to promote the formation of Peace Alliance Action Teams – citizen groups creating political will for peacebuilding breakthroughs through the power of communication. 

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Matthew Albrecht, Executive Vice President of the Peace Alliance, Get's a Great Article in the Huffington Post!!

Here's the link to his article:

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