Monday, May 16, 2011

Citizens For Peace Blog Page Views
May 2009 to May 2011

Don't you find this amazing? People from many countries have viewed our blog! Peace is  certainly a topic of interest not just to us but to many others.

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Playing for Peace Concert: A Great Kickoff for Moveable Peace!

A good time was had by all of the attendees at the Playing for Peace Concert! So many talented musical artists donated their time & talent to support the kickoff of Moveable Peace: an effort to "move peace" all over Michigan! Thanks to all of the artists, the Citizens for Peace volunteers, the Moveable Peace Committee, and especially to Kevin "Mr. Peace" Szawala for contributing to the success of a beautiful evening!
The big surprise was having "Generations" joining us at the last minute! Dean Rutledge (center of photo playing the banjo) played with the Kingston Trio, the New Christi Minstrals, and was the opening act for Peter, Paul & Mary! It brought back such lovely memories!
I felt the "peace energy" & good vibrations all night!
Thanks to our performers:
John Wilson, Bill Meyer, Ryan Castelli, Joe Kidd & the Sedition World Orchestra, Diane Western, David Nefesh, John Smolinski, Michael Krieger, Rev. Matthew Long, Ruby Woods, Generations: Harry Miller, Steve Kowalski, Dean Rutledge, Judy Insley, Floyd Raeon, Xavier Moore, Darrin Breil and Kevin 'Mr Peace' Szawala!