Sunday, May 08, 2011

What a Busy Week for the Citizens for Peace!

In one week we visited our Senator, our Congressman and Congressman Conyers to talk about peace! Colleen is giving Congressman Conyers a folder with the US Peace Index, information about Moveable Peace, the flyers for the Playing for Peace Concert and Arlington Michigan, and the MI Department of Peace Political Action Guide. He invited her to come to his office and discuss all of the information. He hadn't heard about the US Peace Index or Moveable Peace. He suggested a forum with Congressman McCotter in the 11th District and in his District. He is supportive of HR 808 and the People's Budget! I look forward to working with Congressman Conyers this summer!
Peace, Colleen

Rosemary Doyle Delivers a Book Instead of a Pie

Rosemary Doyle delivered the book "A History of War" and the Press Release on the US Peace Index to Congressman McCotter's office for the Mother's Day "Peace Wants a Piece of the Pie" Campaign. She also provided a letter from Colleen Mills, President of the Citizens for Peace, requesting that the Congressman support HR 808 and share the information of the US Peace Index with his colleagues. We will share his response.