Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sharing the Gift of Peace

PeaceWeb is thankful for the following offering by Susan Skog, author of “Peace in Our Lifetime: Insights from the World’s Peacemakers”:

What if we give to each other what we really desire: a bit of peace? Millions of us will come together this season, and the peace from those moments can change the world. Here’s 10 ways to offer the gift of peace to yourself, family and friends, and everyone sharing this beautiful earth.

v Wherever you stand, make it Camp David: Spread good cheer through your daily walk. Carry the song of peace in your heart, thoughts, words, and actions. Drive respectfully, breathe deeply, listen well, smile often, and love wholeheartedly.

v Create space for peace in yourself: Spend time in nature, meditate, play, pray, sing, dance, practice yoga--whatever centers you. Calm your inner world, so you’re kinder in your outer world.

v Focus on the good: Others may be busy focusing on the perceived ugliness in the world. Be the infectious one who focuses on the positive, and others around you will feel your glow.

v Believe: This is a magical time to believe in the power of peace to transform struggle. Believe in peace. Imagine hope and prosperity flowing across the earth. Visualize your family gatherings and communities around the world as cooperative and loving. Dream big. Make it so.

v Be the bridge: Get to know the genuine part of others. Try to find common, shared experiences and hopes. Connect on that holy ground. And peace will flow out from that moment.

v Celebrate: Life is sweet, and what a time to remind ourselves how blessed we are! Tell stories, laugh, look into one another’s eyes, and let your differences melt down with the candles.

v Practice self-responsibility: Wars break out over our holiday turkeys—or in the world--when we try to control someone else. Accept that you’re only responsible for your own values, thoughts, beliefs, and choices. Cheers to that!

v Forgive: By year’s end, release one individual--it could be you--from your anger and judgment. If you can’t change what happened, change your thoughts about it. Let it go. Forgive. This present is free, available 24-7, no shipping required, and the best present you could give yourself.

v Wish Your Highest Wish: Get clear on what you really want in life. Find moments of stillness in this commercially loud season, to connect with your true desires. Wishes do come true—all the time.

v Light up the world: One person’s intention to stand for peace, to shine for peace, has often changed the course of history. The world is asking for your light. Light up the world.

Source: Susan Skog, Author of Peace in our Lifetime: Insights from the World’s Peacemakers. (Available at