Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kevin Szawala Shares Information about Moveable Peace, The Playing for Peace Concert, and His Poetry & new CD at Citizens for Peace Meeting!

Kevin "Mr. Peace" Szawala, the state coordinator of the Department of Peace Campaign, gave a thoughtful talk at our May meeting. He shared the information about the Budget Priorities Road Show he will be taking all over Michigan. He will be performing at the Playing for Peace Concert Friday, May 13th at Unity. He will join an eclectic group of artists to support Moveable Peace. Join us!

Here's one of his poems he shared with us.
Thanks Kevin! Peace, Colleen

"Jobs N' Human Needs Under Attack" by 'Mr. Peace'

I was asked 2 speak 2day 2 send people off on an upbeat note
So I wanted 2 share with u all a little something that I wrote
Social n' political unrest, economic turbulence
N' all these tax cuts 4 the rich that just don't make sense!
See, we're gathered here 2day because our jobs, education, quality of life n' human needs, r all under attack,
But we're optimistic becuz' 'People Power' is startin' 2 make a comeback
U look 2 examples like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya n' Madison, Wisconsin
The epicenter of the Midwest 2 reverse a wave of unprecedented revisions with legislation
Fightin' 2 defend worker's rights n' doin' whatever it takes
N' we'll do the same thing, even if that means weeks of non-stop protests, here in the Great Lakes State!
Cuz' it ain't fair when the working families n' middle class r forced 2 suffer n' live on smaller budgets
No, we need Systematic Change 2 put a stop 2 the Big Corporation tax cuts
We gotta band 2gether, it's time 4 all of us 2 unite!
It's our Collective Responsibility; staying 'Collective' 4 Collective Bargaining in this fight!
N' people often ask me if all of this stuff makes me lose sleep at nite
I simply reply, "Yeah, u better believe it! N' I won't rest 'til I see the Light,
Begin 2 shine thru the Dark Room of Injustice, where People, finally come b4 Profits!
N' the terms, "Common Good" n' "Just Society", become a top priority, not just the next looked over topic
I even heard it said here 2day in this room, where we treat these democratic wordz just like Oxygen
Where u can't breathe w/o them, similar 2 not bein' able 2 live w/o bein' surrounded by water here in Michigan
So let's take action, collaboratively address these issues head on by calling on our Congress,
N' by signin' a Petition az a Coalition 2 form a Commission 4 Peace n' Justice
We will prevail n' do what's necessary 2 alter the course of history
There's Power in Numbers, n' our Numbers r Growin', az we reach more n' more communities
Yeah, my hope 4 a brighter, a more just 2morrow, comes from all the energy that each one of you brings
N' the powerful phrase that made sure the country we live in would never be the same: "Let Freedom Ring!"

Peace In.
Kevin 'Mr. Peace'Szawala