Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moveable Peace Presents a Letter Requesting a Michigan Commission of Peace and Justice!

The Citizens for Peace support the effort to "Move Peace" all over Michigan.
I have drafted a letter that will have a petition for the creation of the Commission of Peace and Justice. It will be presented on August 9th after a 10 day walk to Lansing. Here is the first draft. Comments are appreciated. Peace, Colleen

Letter of Petition for the Creation of a Michigan Commission of Peace & Justice

“The underlying key to success…is to change our culture. We need to go from negative to positive, we need to stop looking in the rear-view mirror and look toward the future. We need to stop being divisive and start being inclusive.” - Gov. Rick Snyder

The leadership expressed by our new governor gives hope to the 150 groups in the Michigan Peace Network – www.michiganpeacenetwork.com. It is time to celebrate the achievements of our citizens groups with the recognition necessary to continue moving Michigan in a positive direction. It is time to include the peace and justice community in the structure of our government. With the vision of changing our culture to one of peace, we submit this letter to Governor Rick Snyder.

To the Honorable Rick Snyder:

The Michigan Department of State Police posted the 2009 FBI Regional Violent Crime Report indicating that Michigan accounts for over 20% of the murders, rapes and aggravated assaults of the 12 Midwestern States.

The U.S. Census web site indicates that approximately 1,347,721 Michigan citizens live in poverty and about 1.8 million Michigan residents are the working poor without enough to cover their basic needs.

The peace and justice community sees a connection with the money spent on war, and the lack of money going to the State of Michigan to help with the human needs that must be met to assure a culture of peace.

By supporting and highlighting the work of the various organizations and groups working for peace and justice around the State, a Michigan Commission of Peace & Justice could be the catalyst for positive change.

It is time to raise our citizens’ awareness of the many peace and justice groups operating to improve the lives of all the residents of our state. Representatives from the groups could serve the State of Michigan by providing information, suggestions and alternative solutions to our problems. Utilizing the awareness of the grassroots network working in Michigan will assist our state in articulating and implementing positive changes to move Michigan closer to creating a culture of peace.

Therefore, we the people of the State of Michigan are respectfully calling on the Governor and the Legislature to create a State of Michigan Commission of Peace & Justice.