Monday, December 12, 2005

Exciting News From Puerto Rico!

Dot Maver and Patty Roeding have been in
Puerto Rico this week speaking about and
networking for the Department of Peace
campaign at the Alliance for a New Humanity
conference. Marianne Williamson and Congressman
Dennis Kucinich were also present as keynote

At the conclusion of the conference, on
International Human Rights Day, December 10,
2005, conference participants, representing
hundreds of organizations from around the
world, voted in favor of a resolution
endorsing a U.S. Department of Peace.
Following the vote, Deepak Chopra, founder of
the Alliance for a New Humanity, applauded the
resolution, saying it will now go to the
White House and President George W. Bush,
as well as to the Senate and House of Representatives.

In the course of the conference, people from several
countries approached Dot expressing interest in
the international initiative and launching
or getting in touch with campaigns for departments
and ministries of peace in their countries,
including people from Palestine, Israel, Sri Lanka,
Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Germany, and others.

For the U.S. campaign, we are preparing a formal
press release with this news, which should go out
later today.

That spotlight of peace is shining brighter and
brighter every day!

Mike Abkin