Wednesday, August 26, 2009

September 2009 Special Events



Join this fun & fitness activity to raise funds to support the Peace Alliance and their work for a Department of Peace!

Meet at St. John’s Episcopal Church at 10:30 am

26998 Woodward Avenue (Woodward & Eleven Mile)

The walk is 3 miles through Royal Oak

Call Dennis Mazurek at 313-433-4466 or Mike Mc Evoy at 313-756-6270

Sponsored by the MI Department of Peace Campaign


ONE PEACE Concert Fundraiser. Please join us for an evening of entertainment

and fun as local musicians showcase their talent and share their music. Proceeds go

toward the Sept. 19th ONE PEACE event, celebrating United Nations International

Day of Peace. Concert begins at 7:30pm @ Unity of Livonia. Come early and

browse the tables starting at 7 pm. Admission $10.00 at the door. For more info



ONE PEACE celebrating United Nations International Day of Peace 1-4 pm.

"Creating a World that Works for All" with special guest speaker and author

Dr. Sharif Abdullah. Also, "insightful meditations", local poet Willowbei Eversole,

metro Detroit musicians, and more. All are welcome. Suggested attire logo-free whites.

Donations appreciated. Schoolcraft College VisTaTech Center, Livonia.

For more info and to reserve your seat on-line visit:

DoPeace- You Are Welcome to Join

What is DoPeace? It's a social networking site. In internet jargon web 2.0. It's a place to meet people who support and promote the Department of Peace legislation and other peace and nonviolent activities.

At DoPeace you can interact with others by posting photos and videos. And of course you can post your ideas and activities as well as comment on other posts. But if you prefer to read all the exciting activities that is happening across our great land and in other parts of the world that too is lots of fun.

Click here to see a overview of DoPeace. Remember all are welcome to join and it's free.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Forgiveness teaches us that it is possible to choose love over fear and peace over conflict regardless of the circumstances affecting our lives. We can choose to forgive rather than to hold on to our embitterment’s, grudges, and judgments. Foregiveness allows us to experience our wholeness our oneness with all of life. It opens our eyes to experience the light and the essence of love that we all are.

Gerald Jampolsky

Peace to You and Yours with Love

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Our August Meeting is a Veggie Potluck

Bring your friends and a vegetarian dish to share to our Party on Tuesday, August 11th. at 6:30 pm. We will enjoy a vegetarian dinner and talk about the connection between our food choices and world peace.
The film Food Inc. is playing at the Novi Town Center Theater. It is a terrific documentary that makes you think about the fact that we vote 3 times a day with our food choices.


”Have you ever had the experience of stopping so completely,of being in your body so completely,of being in your life so completely,that what you knew and what you didn’t know,that what had been and what was yet to come,and the way things are right now,no longer held even the slightest hint of anxiety or discord,a moment of complete presence beyond striving,beyond mere acceptance,beyond the desire to escape or fix anything or plunge ahead,a moment of pure being,no longer in time,a moment of pure seeing,pure feeling,a moment in which life simply is,and that is-ness grabs you by all your senses,all your memories,by your very genes,by your loves,and welcomes you home,that is a taste of mindfulness.”

Jon Kabat - Zinn

Peace to You and Yours with Love

Sunday, August 02, 2009

New Members of DoPeace

Colleen Mills, Citizens For Peace President, and Vincenza, Vice President Citizens For Peace, have joined DoPeace. The DoPeace has certainly enhanced their organization with these promoters for peace and nonviolence.

To see their smiling faces and learn more about them, click on their names above.