Monday, October 23, 2006

Howard Zinn To Receive Award

Cranbrook Peace Foundation will honor Howard Zinn at the 19th Annual Lecture & Award Ceremony, November 5, 2006. For full details click here.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Peace Pole at EMU

Yesterday, October 21, 2006, Eastern Michigan University (EMU) dedicated their Peace Pole.

The Ann Arbor News reported today that about 30 spectators were on hand to witness the event. The 8 foot pole proclaims "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in 16 languages. What a way to communicate this peace message to students and others on campus! EMU has students from 90 countries. Now students from other countries can read this important thought in their first language with out a moment of translation.

Professor Gary Evans had the idea for the pole and envisions a peace park, peace curriculum and he envisions that some day students would major in "peace studies".

These ideas are quite compatible with the Department of Peace/Nonviolence legislation's Peace Acedemy.

Nancy and I visited the site today. In a cold 40 degree drizzle, we examined the multisided peace pole made by Peace Poles. If we can have war monuments why not have peace poles expressing the hope and vision of the multitudes that seek peace and nonviolence?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Congressional 2006 Election Forum

Hometown newspaper's (Observer Newspapers) staff writer, Hugh Gallagher, quite accurately reported on the League of Women Voters Forum last Wednesday, October 11, 2006. To read the newspaper story click here.

Perhaps this was the first public statement on the Department of Peace (DoP) NonViolence legislation by candidates John Tater (Libertarian) and Charles Tackett (U.S. Taxpayers). Both candidates support DoP Nonviolence legislation. Previously Thaddeus McCotter (R) expressed his views and positon, he opposes it, at the St. Edith Church DoP forum last September. Tony Trupiano stated that he supports passage of DoP NonViolence at our September meeting.

Four members of The Citizens For Peace District 11 were shown in the column's first photograph. The photo shows (left to right) 3 unknown men, Nancy Weiss, Bob Frank, Colleen Mills, George Mills. In response to the newspaper story,Colleen Mills, president Citizens For Peace, stated: "The Department of Peace was a hot issue at the forum!!!!! We are getting the buzz we wanted!".

Once again the League of Women Voters have demonstrated their committment to democracy by creating a forum for all candidates to speak out on the election issues.

And hats off to the Hometown newspapers for their accurate election reporting. Rarely do we see the print and television news media report on other than the Democratic and Republican parties.