Sunday, December 16, 2007

Peace for All in the New Year

It is up to all of us to create a more peaceful world. The latest research on energy gives the responsibility and power of creating the type of world we live in to each individual! The time has come for each of us to use our collective intelligence to bring forth the world we want for us and future generations.

The Citizens for Peace are dedicated to accepting the responsibility and using our collective power to create a Department of Peace and Nonviolence in our federal government. We are part of the vision that began with the founding of our country. The creation of a Peace Department was suggested in 1793. It seemed logical that a Peace Department was needed to balance the War Department. Unfortunately, despite many attempts through the years, that vision never became a reality. The time is crucial now.

The change will occur when enough individuals realize that what we focus on grows. If we want peace, we must focus our attention on the programs that address the root causes of violence with effective solutions. We must fund the creative and practical programs that have proven to decrease violence.

With our increased scientific knowledge, we have the rationale to support our efforts to create a Department of Peace and Nonviolence. If we can find our own inner peace, educate ourselves and others, use tools such as Nonviolent Communication & Restorative Practices, and join the ever growing network of peace seekers; we can bring about the vision of peace into our government and the world!

We invite you to join us on our journey to create the peaceful world that is possible. Use the power you have within to create this world. Accept the responsibility to “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”! Join the Citizens for Peace and start creating the peaceful world that only we can.

Have a beautiful Holiday Season!