Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Middle East Foreign Policy Review

"War on global terrorism was destined to fail"says John Judis. That's not a very uplifting view but one from a reputable source. The essay touches on the high points of our Middle East policy's response to terrorists attacks dating back to the 1980s and forward to current times. The overview gives a snapshot of the big picture.

Please note, sometimes the above link does not take you directly to his essay. If you get a Error Occur!!! Page then Click on the "Click Here" link. When you are at the home page of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace home page (just below their title find the word experts, click on Experts, click on Alphabetical List, click on John Judis, click on the above title. Web sites just don't always work right.
Where in the world is Michigan's District 11?

Here is the map of District 11.