Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Human Factor
Part I
Look what we have done to the people of Iraq. How will we ever rectify a military invasion of a country that was and is absolutely no threat to the United States? There are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and grandchildren that were or will be injured or killed as a result of this invasion and occupation. There are the brave men and women in our military, who have or will come home in caskets. Many others will survive with physical and mental injuries that will deeply affect their quality of life. The numbers are hard to comprehend, so I put the statistics in human terms and I feel so very sad for these people. There is no justification for what our government has done.
Last summer I attended the regional conference of the Department of Peace Campaign. I talked with Congressman John Conyers from the 14th Michigan congressional district. I asked him if there was some classified information our representatives and senators were given that convinced so many to vote for the invasion of Iraq. He looked at me and said, "We all knew Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with September 11th." I had the need to hear the truth from someone in Congress. I thanked him for his honesty.
Since the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota on December 29, 1890, our government has ordered 132 military interventions in the United States and throughout the world. Since 1922, there have been twenty one instances of military action in the Middle East. (1) Is our world a better place? Do we feel safe?
Our country is always poised for war. We have a huge military industrial complex that creates thousands of jobs manufacturing and selling weaponry to our military and other countries. We have more nuclear bombs than all other countries combined. Is our world a better place? Do we feel safe?
The United States accounts for 47% of the world's total military spending. The United States spends five times more on the military than China, and eleven times more than Russia. Our government also out spends Iran and North Korea by a ratio of seventy-two to one. (2) Is our world a better place? Do we feel safe?
We need a change of consciousness; it is time to take a stand for waging peace. Martin Luther King explained it so well when he said, "True peace is not merely the absence of some negative force----tension, confusion, or war; it is the presence of some positive force---justice, good will and brotherhood." We have the resources and expertise to become a nation that works for the end of human suffering. It is up to us to create the political will to make it happen.
1. Ziauddin, Sardar. Why do People Hate America; New York, MJF Books; c2002; pp. 92-101.
2. Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation;


Anonymous said...

I think the main problem is our own internal state of fear, frustration, anger, sadness, etc. When I say "our", I am talking about each one of us here in this forum, who "pretend" to want peace, and we do so by trying to create a department of peace, etc.

Unless each one of us creates INNER PEACE and FREEDOM first, we actually keep adding fuel to the fire we are pretending to want to extinguish.

Most movements against the "establishment" are the result of frustration, anger, etc. at someone else for not listening to what each one of us has to say (I know I have had that frustration, and I still have it at times).

And for most if not all of us, that started when our parents didn't listen to us in childhood.

But I think it goes even deeper; it is the result of a battle betwwen our ego/mind (our "lower" self) and our higher Self, which is then mirrored in the outside world.

Seeing the faults in others (e.g. people who are supporting the "war machine") and judging them is not any better than what they are doing.
(Note: it's even hard for me right now to write this without judging those people I am talking to, right here on this blog, and I know that is my contribution to fueling the fire...something I am working hard at becoming aware of and taming and eventually eliminating in my own life--and I ask for everyone's support in that endeavour because I do often fail, too, to live up to what I am sharing here as my belief)

All I know is that it is possible to create INNER PEACE and FREEDOM, even if I haven't gotten there 100% yet. I have experienced it in my own life to a great extent, and I have known many people over the last 25 years who experience it, too (and I now also have lots of students of my Unconditionl Freedom Process who have shared amazing testimonials about that, too--see which is a blog on my myspace page).

I would like to encourage all who are involved in this endeavour of creating peace--here in this forum, and everywhere else--to put more focus and give a greater priority to creating their own INNER PEACE first, by evaluating what it is costing them and the world to continue to feel sad, frustrated, angry, hopeless, powerless, etc. in the face of the current and long-standing state of reality which is war, terrorism, poverty, conflict, pollution, etc.

Everyone's approach is trying to first change the outside world in the hopes of feeling better, safer, happier inside. This approach has been the approach of generations of well-meaning people, but has it worked? DO we have peace? Maybe it's time that the peacemakers re-evaluate this way of approaching peace, and consider an alternative--possibly faster, smarter, easier, and more profound way of creating peace.

I am not saying to give up the old ways, but to start opening one's mind to other ways of creating peace--such as a way to create freedom from what is keeping us from inner peace that does NOT require changing what we currently believe to be the cause of our fear and anger, i.e. the outer circumstances of our life and world (what I call creating UNCONDITIONAL freedom inside oneself).

Anyone interested in following this recommendation is invited to check out my myspace page and my websites, and contact me. I promise that I will not try to "sell" you my own belief; I will simply listen to what you believe, and then ask you whether your belief is really making the difference that you think it should make, and if not, I will ask you what you may possibly be creating that is in the way, and whether you are willing to be free from that.

In other words, I will ask simply ask you questions to assist you in discovering your OWN answers to your dilemma, rather then trying to convince you to listen to and apply my answers--which is basically what everyone on this planet is trying to do most of the time, isn't it?

And I will not judge you if you choose to not be free from what you discover to be your own self-sabotaging beliefs. In other words, I will do my best to HONOR your beliefs and choices, even if they seemingly conflict with mine and are obviously hurting you. Because I know that YOU are the ONE who knows best what is good for YOU--nobody else can.


Dr.Claude Windenberger

Nikkisue said...

It is all about love. If love is not present in ones life, they will always be finding fault and being critical of others. Love is the only way this inner peace will ever work.

Jerry Dechant said...


There are a few basic understandings what we must come to, to bring about that which we desire.
1.) Each of us is a creator.
2.) Each of us creates our own life experience, reality. whether we are aware we are doing that or not.
3.) If you want to know how you've used your creative ablitity, just look at your current life experience. That is the most accurate indication of what you have and are creating for yourself.
4.) If you don't like what you see once you take the time to consider it, realize you have the power to change it, since you created it.
5.) The creative process happens in the Here Now moment.
6.) How you currently feel emotionally tells you whether you are creating something you will enjoy or not enjoy.
7.) Your emotions are the guidance which tell you if you are going with the flow of your highest desires or not.
8.) Good feel good, Bad feels bad.

9.) Since all of our life experiences occur in the Now Moment. This is the most powerful moment of your life.
10.) In this moment, if it feels good, you can choose thoughts and activities which perpetuate that feeling good.
11.) We all start this journey from where ever we are at at this moment.
12.) Incrementally, we move up the emotional scale to where Bliss resides.
13.) If you are in fear and dispair, it is almost impossible to feel joy in the next moment, but you can reach for a thought that feels a little better.
14.) Hold that better feeling thought for as little as 17 seconds, and you've changed your vibration enough to align with that thought's vibration.
15.) Thinking about that better feeling thought and associated thoughts for 68 seconds, make available the next higher vibration thought which feel a little better.
16.) When you've experienced the relief incrementally in this way, you learn how to move up the emotional scale.
17.) Along with feeling blissful at the top of the scale, we also experience our greatest creative power towards the good we desire.
18.) Conversely, at the bottom of the scale where dispair resides, we are nearly totally disempowered, and that is why it feel so very bad.

The journey up the mountain of peace starts with that first step followed by many many more in the same direction. It may seem like a long hard journey when you look way up there at the mountain top, but when you bring your focus closer to where you are, and just take each step, you eventually find the path behind you and the peak is where you are at.

One final thing. The journey is never done. There is no end. When you make peace within yourself, you will find it truly reflect outside of yourself.

If you would like to read other blogs on this type of subject matter, you can by visiting my
MySpace page at:
Best regards,
Jerry Dechant

Dr. Claude Windenberger said...

Thanks for the feedback, Jerry and Nikkisue. You made some great points.
Love is indeed the key, and it starts with SELF-LOVE--loving yourself so much that you will no longer put up with killing yourself with your own poison (the negative emotions you still entertain) and you will GRACE YOURSELF with unconditionally stopping to poison yourself in this way. Once you love yourself in this way, you will automatically love all the expressions of your Self--everything that exists in your universe.
Dr. Claude